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2019年8月23日 (金)

No.402 Sympathy and Love

  Sympathy and Love

The male young pug living in my neighborhood was named Max.

He was always in the yard tied to his doghouse too big in size for him.

Whenever I passed by his doghouse while taking a walk, I stopped to wave my hand to him for a while.

He was poor because a pug is an indoor dog.

While waving my hand to him, he was always watching the whole scene.

Max didn’t bark until I left there.

He was left tied all day long, and he might never be walked.

He spent most of the day lying in the yard or playing boring games with his chain with which he was tied.

If I could, I would give advice to the owner about how to take care of a pug, but I can't because I was not his friend.

A pug has a low tolerance for both cold in winter and heat in summer.

Thinking about him left in the yard always, I quite often worried about him and felt a lo of stress.

Once I couldn’t control myself and rang the doorbell asking for cuddling Max.

The owner was observing me suspiciously, and he said OK.

At that time I was so happy that I rushed to Max and began to cuddle him.

Max was also crazy about me.

The owner lived alone, and was often out to work.

So I couldn’t get permission to cuddle Max after that.

I mainly waved to him.

One day Max disappeared.

I was wondering what had happened to him.

With determination, I went over to the front door to ask the owner to tell me what had become of Max.

I was so lucky as to find the owner by the front door.

I asked, “What’s the matter with Max?”

“He was dead” he answered without expression.

I went on asking ”Did he die of heat stroke?”

“He was wrapped around by his own chain” said the owner and went into his house.

I was so embarrassed to hear the unexpected answer that I couldn’t utter a word.

Max lived just for two years or so.

I was wondering what his short and unhappy life was.

I didn’t think he had been loved by the owner.

In my neighborhood another pug lives.

Whenever I watch him playing, I ask his owner to let me cuddle him.

To be honest, compared with Max, I don’t feel more love for him than for Max.

Why? Maybe it’s because he is much more loved by his owner.

He lives a happy life.

I feel more sympathy with Max.

It can be safely said that sympathy leads to love.

Love is a friend of sympathy. 







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