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2018年8月14日 (火)

No. 390 「大回り乗車」の問題作りました


次の英語を読んで続く Questions に英語で答えてみてください。

Have you ever enjoyed a roundabout train ride or a longer way to the nearest station for your entertainment?

Usually people especially busy people will not do such a time-wasting or stupid thing.
But if you happen to have time enough and know the fares of the longest way and the shortest way to the nearest station are both the same in certain JR routes, how about you?

You have to take a train like drawing a picture with a single stroke of the brush if you want to make the fares of the longest way and the shortest way the same. You can’t come and go on the same line. The available routes are limited only in Tokyo and its surrounding areas, as you see.

Another rule is, you can’t use more than one day for your train ride, finish it in the day.
But anyway I can enjoy such a long roundabout ride.

The other day I started at a station and by way of Omiya reached Takasaki and came back to the station closest to my starting one for \190. I got off my train at the station next to my starting one and went out the ticket gate. Again I bought a ticket for my starting station and went in to wait for the next train to come. After all I paid just a little money for the five-to-six-hour train ride.

Some of you might say you can’t enjoy such a destinationless trip. Indeed you may not be able to go outside the train station to visit the sights. But I’d like to say your entertainment is not only doing the sites outside the station. You can also enjoy seeing the sights from a window of your train. You can also drink and eat in your train or inside the station premises. Among other things, you can visit surprisingly many stations in one day. One good thing after another.

One of the weakest points of this trip is, you might not be able to find like-minded friends, I mean there will not be so many people who want to take a destinationless trip like you, so I’m afraid you are likely to enjoy traveling all alone.


Question 1
What were the JR fares I paid on the day in total?

Question 2
Why do you have to take a roundabout train ride alone?


Question 1
They were \380.

Question 2
You might not be able to find like-minded friends.






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