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2017年8月 2日 (水)

No. 368 短文読解問題 with 「年齢とともに時間を短く感じる」


Time stretches and contracts. Or time subjectively passes by more quickly for elderly people than for children.

At this time of the year I often reminisce about my good old days’ summer vacation because I felt it was too long. When I was an elementary school student, I felt as if it were endlessly lengthy. So I had nothing but go to a swimming pool with my brother. I even wished my vacation ended and I found myself waiting for a new term to begin.

But now I feel like a year passes by faster as I become older. Why? Do you also feel as such?
Have you ever heard of Janet’s Law?

It says the length of years that are memorized subjectively is evaluated as this; longer for young people, shorter for elderly people.

According to Janet, for five-year-old people one year is one-fifth of their life, while for fifty-year-old people one year is one-fiftieth, so there is a difference of 10 times in the perceptions of their one year.

He also said that as we get older, fresh experiences decrease and lives become monotonous. Knowledge makes us come to feel like a year passes by faster.

Grown-ups have more of such knowledge than children do. In the same way when we go somewhere, we may feel it’s distant, but when we come back, we tend to feel it’s not so distant because we already know something about the route.

In this way we adults tend to have shorter summer vacation than children do. Time scuttling away might be a big problem for elderly people. They don’t have much time left.

So I think we’d better continue new challenges and try to have a quality time every day. Time is a function of the mind. If I continue something challenging, time will pass by more slowly to me..



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<ヘッドライン5> Metabolic model explains changes in cancer cells at very early stage

<リード文 5> Researchers here have unraveled the mechanism that explains the way cancer cells early in their development are expelled by healthy cells.

The team pinned down metabolic changes that occur in cancer cells when they are surrounded by normal cells, a development that could advance diagnostic methods or cancer preventive medicine in the early stages of the disease.

(Monday, July 10, 2017)

<ヘッドライン6> Drone footage reveals extent of flood damage in northern Kyushu

<リード文6> Drone footage of the devastation in northern Kyushu caused by torrential rain shows flooded rivers, hills scarred by landslides, houses near collapse and wrecked settlements in mountainous areas that remain largely inaccessible.

(Monday, July 10, 2017)

3  ここでは unravel = explain = pin down 「を解明する」として使われている

4  ここでは、reveal = show 「を映し出す」
flood damage = devastation 「洪水被害」
shows の目的語の部分は A,B and C のパターンになっています


5. 「代謝のしかたにから初期段階のがん細胞の変化説明 」



6. 「ドローン映像、九州北部洪水被害状況を映し出す」


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