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2013年9月26日 (木)

No.266 idiom の四択の問題⑦ with 「あれこれ」

「あれこれ」(One Thing or Another) というつもりで
No.263 の「東海道線乗りました」を英訳してみました。

Last month I took a Shinkansen to vist my uncle and aunt in an old-people home in Mie Prefecture. I wanted a time-saving trip to meet them in time. Four hours after I left home in the morning, I found myself in my destination, While I was traveling at high speeds, I was just looking forward to arriving the destination. I didn’t even enjoy the landscape through the train window. At that time I could say I lived in the future. On my way back from the job, out the blue I decided to take a time-consuming trip. I wanted to enjoy the present, not the future. I thought I had suspended some experience I should have had during the Shinkansen trip. So I took a train running on the Tokaido Main Line to go back from Nagoya.

A lot of water under the bridge. Tokaido Main Line is not what it used to be. There are no passenger trains that operate over the entire length of the line. Various portions of the line have different names used by JR East and JR Central, and if you want to take a long intercity trip using the line, you have to transfer several times along the way. When you buy a train ticket from a JR Central station to a JR East station, you can’t use SUICA. Anyway I expected I would be able to see what I had missed on the Shinkansen. I just wanted to enjoy every moment of the trip.

At the Nagoya station I felt nervous. Taking a local train on the Tokaido Line was my first experience. It was thrilling. How many hours would it take to reach Tokyo? I might miss some of the trains I was supposed to transfer or I might miss the last train at a transfer station. Nevertheless, I burned my bridges. But all of them turned out to be needless fear. As a matter of fact I really felt comfortable all through the train trip. Though it was Sunday, I could find a lot of vacant seats in any of my train. Along the way I enjoyed noticing some stations with no staff. In my train I reminisced over my childhood. I had used the line several times with my father from Tokyo to Tosu by way of Fukuoka or with my mother from Tokyo to Tsu by way of Nagoya. I often heard my mother talk about the lengthy train trip. If I had not taken a local train, I would not have remembered my good old days.

It is true the Linear Shinkansen will save us a lot of time, but I’m afraid it might give us just a convenient means of transportation with 86% of its route tunnels. The Linear Shinkansen might rob us of the true joys of a train trip.

さて、 idiom の問題です。

  ☆   ☆   ☆   ☆   ☆

Acting Out

(   )内に入る語句を各問の下からそれぞれ選んで文を完成し、それを日本語にしてください。

1, John did almost anything to become a celebrity. And one day he burst into the (      ).

a. depth   b. light  c. limelight     d. night

2. It is unbecoming to (      ) up someone who you don't like.

a. butter b. cheese c. milk     d. toast

3. I don't like him. He always looks as if butter wouldn't (      ) in one's mouth.

a. boil b. go    c. diappear      d. melt

4, Taking a (      )-and-stick approach is a good way to rehabilitate juvenile offenders.

a. drop b. carrot  c. meat       d. feed

5. To serve them French cuisine is like casting one's pearls before (      ). 

a. hogs b. pigs     c. pork     d. swine

6. He was caught on the (      ) when the trouble arose.

a. air b. alert c. ball     d. spot


1 burst into the limelight 「突然脚光を浴びる」 

2 butter someone up 「ゴマをする」

3 butter wouldn't melt in one's mouth 「正直そうな顔をしている」

4 the carrot and the stick 「飴と鞭」 

5 cast one's pearls before swine 「豚に真珠」

6. catch someone on the spot 「その場で捕まえる」

1. c 「ジョンは有名人になろうとほとんど何でもやった。そしてある日突然脚光を浴びた」

2. a 「好きでもない人のゴマをするのは見苦しいよ」

3. d 「彼のこと好きじゃない。いつも正直そうな顔をしいるんだもん」
4. b 「飴と鞭は少年犯罪者を更正させるにはよい方法だ」

5. d 「彼らにフランス料理を出したって豚に真珠だな」

6. d 「彼はその場で捕まりました」 

    ☆   ☆   ☆   ☆   ☆








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