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2013年3月25日 (月)

No.249 内容正誤問題 with "Escalator And Elevator"



          Escalator And Elevator

Talking of the escalator and the elevator, I would associate them with a department store. How about you?
These days not only high-rise buildings but also railway stations have the systems.

Generally speaking, which of the two systems would you prefer, escalators or elevators? I know some people might always use stairs.

As for myself, that depends, but I would use escalators more often than elevators. Of course, when I want to go directly up to relatively upper floors such as the 5th or the 6th floor I would use elevators. To the lower-upper floors like the 3rd or the 4th floor, I would take the escalators to enjoy the scene around me. In most cases I don’t use stairs as far as I’m concerned.

These days more and more railway stations have escalators and elevators. After Tohoku Big Earthquake people were forced to save electricity. At railway stations most of the escalators were off, and the elevators only were on for a while. Some people might have thought the opposite policy should be carried out.

The other day at Haneda Airport I was asked to take care of a two-year-old boy for two days. The first two minutes of taking care of him was plain sailing for me. Two heavy bags were attached to the baby buggy the boy was sitting in, so I had trouble folding the buggy. After all I was forced to find an elevator, but the finding job was not so easy. Especially in Shinjuku Station Premise to find an elevator was surprisingly difficult, but if I didn’t use an elevator, I could not take the baby to the platform. Reaching the elevator I was looking for, I found there were many young mothers with their baby waiting for the elevator to come. Inside the elevator I said to one of them, “Shinjuku Station is very terrible because there are few elevators and besides I can’t find them easily. ” The mother said, “Even so, Shibuya Station is worse because it doesn’t have any elevators for passengers.”

I had a hard time carrying the two-year-old boy in the baby buggy, looking for an elevator repeatedly. When I didn’t find any, I was frustrated and in the dark mood. When I found one, I was relieved and as happy as larks. Those situations occurred repeatedly. I burned the candle at both ends.

I remember the handrail helped a lot many years ago when I was walking on the stairs with my broken leg plastered. I found handrails were very important.

Now I know how important various things around us are. And at the same time I also know many of them are meaningfully equipped and installed in place for the use of the people who need them.




  ☆   ☆   ☆   ☆   ☆

Acting Out

The writer... から始まる、以下の各 statement が上記の英語エッセイの内容に合う場合は T 合わない場合は F と答えてください。

The writer...

(1) used to go to a department store, but now he doesn't.

(2) likes waking up stairs.

(3) pushed a baby buggy all the way home without fatigue.

(4) prefers Shibuya Station to Shinjuku Station.

(5) thinks many of the things around him have their own meanings.


(1) 以前はデパートに行ったが、今は行かない。

(2) 階段は歩いてあがるのが好きだ。

(3) 乳母車をずっと押したが、疲れもしなかった。

(4) 新宿より渋谷の方が好きだ。

(5) 身の回りの多くのものはそれ相応の意味をもつと考えている。


(1) F

(2) F

(3) F

(4) F

(5) T

    ☆   ☆   ☆   ☆   ☆











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