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2012年12月31日 (月)

No.243 読解の問題 with 「大晦日」




ところで、Paul Auster の Smoke という映画を

私は、買ったまま放ってあった Smoke を見ます。

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Acting Out


He and I are long-time acquaintances. He works behind the counter of a cigar store on Court Street in downtown Brooklyn, and since it is the only store that sells the Dutch cigars I like to smoke, I go in there fairly often. For a long time, I didn’t (A)( g- ) much thought to him. He was a strange little man who sold me cigars and magazines, the mysterious character who always had something funny to say about the weather or politicians in Washington.

But one day several years ago, he happened to be looking through a magazine in the store and (B)( c- ) across a review of one of my books. He knew it was me because a photograph accompanied the review. After that, things changed between us. I was no longer just another customer to him; I had become a distinguished person. Now that he had found the secret of who I was, he saw me as an ally. To tell the truth, I found it rather embarrassing. Then, almost inevitably, a moment came when he asked if I would be willing to look at his photographs. Given his enthusiasm, there didn’t seem to be any way I could (C)( t- ) him down. In a small, windowless room at the back of the store, he opened a wooden box and pulled out twelve black photo albums. This was his life’s work, he said. Every morning for the past twelve years, he had stood at the corner of Court Street at precisely seven o’clock and had taken a single color photograph of precisely the same view. The project now ran to more than four thousand photographs. Each album represented a different year, and all the pictures were laid out in sequence, form January 1 to December 31, with the dates carefully recorded under each one.

My first impression was that it was the oddest thing I had ever seen. All the pictures were the same. I couldn’t think of anything to say to him, so I continued turning pages. He, who was watching me with a friendly smile on his face, said, “You’re going too fast. You’ll never (D)( g- ) it if you don’t slow down.” He was right. If you don’t take time to look, you’ll never manage to see anything. I picked up another album and forced myself to go more deliberately. I paid closer attention to details, took note of shifts in the weather, watched for the changing angles of light as the seasons advanced. Eventually I was able to detect subtle differences in the traffic flow, to anticipate the rhythm of the different days. Little by little, I began to recognize the faces of the people in the background, the people who were on their way to work, the same people in the same spot every morning, living an instant of their lives in the field of his camera.

1. 本文中の (A) から (D) の(  )内に与えられた文字から始まる適当な動詞を答えなさい。

2. 次の(1)から(4)の(  )内の3語の内、本文の内容に合うものを選び解答欄にその語を答えなさい。

(1) His project was to (photographing / photographed / photograph) the same exact scene every day.

(2) The scenes of his pictures all looked very similar, so the author thought it was (interesting / strange / natural) at first.

(3) The author could not understand the details of his pictures at first because he was (reluctant / willing / likely) to look at them.

(4) The author’s profession likely to be a (writing / written / writer).


(A) 決まった言い方で、think about の意味です。not ... much ... 「あまり... ない」 にも気をつけてください。
(B) happen to find の意味です。
(C) refuse の意味です。
(D) understand の意味です。

(1) be to do... で、「... することだ」
(2) odd = strange
(3) (C) のあたりの文を読むと、「乗り気ではなかった」のがわかります。
(4) (B) のあたりの文を読むと、「本を書く仕事をしている」のがわかります。


(A) give
(B) came
(C) turn
(D) get

(1) photograph
(2) strange
(3) reluctant
(4) writer

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