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2011年6月 5日 (日)

No.155 "Write that in English"





The escalator set up at the south entrance of the station is working.
Every morning a lot of commuters
are standing on all the treads of the escalator.
They look very happy
because the escalator was closed for a long time
after the big earthquake hit.

The commuters were forced
to use the footsteps a little way away from the escalator
because there were no footsteps nearby the turned-off escalator.
It took them five more minutes to reach the platform.

The escalator is run by the city government.
They are quite lazy.

There was a signboard on the escalator for a long time saying,
"We have to save electric power.
We thank you in advance for considering our request.”

Everybody accepted the request thinking it couldn’t be helped.
I also thought so at first,
but when I happened to see the escalators working
through big windows of the nearby tall building
with nobody standing on the escalators.

I hit the ceiling.

On the fourth floor of the building is a branch office of the city hall.
So the escalators can be said
to be under the control of the city in some way.

Every morning I saw my escalator turned off.

The escalator inside the ticket gate leading to the platform
began to work.
Still my escalator remained turned off.
The signboard attached to the escalator said,
"We have to save electric power.
We thank you in advance for considering our request.”

I was wondering what to consider.
Commuters went to work not to play.
I went to the branch office to make a complaint,
but it was closed early.
So I went to the citizen hall
to see the management representative.
He said he was not in charge of the escalators.
I told him to convey my complaints
to the person responsible for them.

The next day my escalator still was not on.
I got so mad to see that
so I telephoned to
people of the city hall in charge of the escalators
They didn’t take up my complaints
though I told them to sort out their priorities when they save power.

One or two days after I made a complaint,
the result was the same,
but three days later the escalator suddenly began to work.

I demanded that they should switch on my escalator
only during the rush hours,
but they left the escalator turned on all day long.

I think they are too lazy to switch on and off the escalator.

Last week or so the Asahi Shimbun reported
that the city left all the citizen centers closed at night
unlike other cities.
So I think in a few days the city will begin to let citizens use citizen centers.
They have no faith.

Sure enough,
they began to let citizens use citizen centers a few days later!.


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