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2010年1月28日 (木)

No.125 空所補充の問題 with "Cultural Homogenization"



“On the second day Seibu Department Store will open,” my mother often said.
I remember I was happy to hear that.

On the New Year’s Day almost all the stores were closed except toy stores aiming at children’ New Year’s present money from parents.
Such scenes created our sense of the season.

But these days even on New Year’s Day family restaurants are open.
Convenience stores are around the clock.
Such new scenes have ruined our sense of the season.
Strange as it may sound, I feel sad about those recent changes.

They arise from globalization of Japan.
When Japanese people think of globalization, they are always trying to adapt to a global standard discarding their standard.

One of the examples is some weeks ago Daiwa Securities Company decided to make inroads into the Islamic financial market.
Islamic people have their own rules from Islam.
Here Japanese people try to adapt to the Islamic world, not trying to make Islamic people adapt to a global standard.

Other cultures are uncompromising.

A Sea Shepherd ship slammed into the Japanese one.
Just because they don’t eat whale meat does not justify their attack.
An Australian eats 18 kg. of mutton a year, while a Japanese person eats just 0.4 kg.
The amount of consumption in Australia is 45 times as much as in Japan.
Their food culture is different from ours.

I don’t mean convenience stores should be closed during the New Years’ day, but Japanese should not adapt everything to the world indiscriminately.
I’m afraid Japan may lose its identity just by copying superficially.

I believe maintaining our culture enriches our life and makes it more prosperous.



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